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Our Classes

Tradewinds Institute is committed to providing a superior education to its students in a dynamic, hands-on environment. Students are introduced to a variety of trades in each of our semester-long phases and get experience working with real-life projects. They learn practical solutions for home repair, auto maintenance, and other everyday problems while being introduced to a variety of skills and potential career paths in the trades.

Image by Ryno Marais


Hands-on projects such as building shelves and bandsaw boxes introduce students to a variety of skills and tools.

Image by Markus Spiske


Knowledgeable instructors give students the opportunity to work on panel boxes, light switches, wire repair, and much more.

Car Repair


Automotive experts instruct in maintenance, repair, and functionality, allowing students to work on a variety of engines and components.

Image by Jonathan Borba


Professionals guide practical implementation of culinary knowledge and skills through making a variety of dishes using a myriad of kitchen implements.



Horticulture experts teach students how to get the most out of gardens, landscaping, plant development, soil nurturing, and so much more. 



Experienced welders show students various welding techniques, machines, and forms, assisting them with hands-on skill building through the completion of projects.

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